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Embrace the Moment:
Rediscovering the Powerful Woman Within

by Debra Rossi


Life Cycles

Embrace the Moment coverWhen I mustered the courage to walk a new path, to take flight, a transformation occurred. Sparks ignited during the moments and hours of writing my book. I was a novice, giddy with excitement.  Those initial footsteps were faltering with my progress. I had forward movement and then stepped backwards.  Old thought patterns would sneak up creating my own circle of doubt and confusion. I knew I had to step into and through the fear and keep my thoughts on the outcome. In time, my belief in my abilities and determination eventually outweighed my trepidation.

Whatever that next step is — going back to school, starting a business, finding a new job, or becoming a published author in a new career after forty — are all possible with guts, a strong desire, and perseverance that anything is possible. Those obstacles that stop us from moving forward in our lives begin in our minds.  We are limitless. Our boundaries are illusions, molded only by fear. We limit our opportunities to explore the wonders in our lives by setting up boundaries in our minds. Follow your heart, name your dream, and take action.

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