Debra RossiImagine acknowledging your strengths instead of picking at your flaws, expecting greatness instead of failure and being committed to a more fulfilled life. Personal Life Coaching is a process of assisting you with change, growth and reaching new goals. It’s about using your talents and skills completely. The greatest gift you can give this world is to BE your true self. I’m committed to assisting you on your path of transformation to live an abundant and happy life.

Everything Begins With You

I work with clients who are looking for something different, something better, clients who want to take charge of their lives. I believe you can do anything when you know yourself and trust your power. It’s the inner action that creates the outer results needed for change to occur and for you to meet your goals. As you develop self-awareness you are able to change your thoughts, which allows you to change your emotions, an important factor in achieving success. Your thoughts create your reality, not the other way around.

Personal Life Coaching

Coaching is about empowering you to find your answers from within and can impact your life in a transformative way. The role of a coach is to support you in the process of action steps toward change. Think of a coach as the consultant who gathers information,  has a natural curiosity, and asks  the right questions. The experience of exploring, digging around, and reflecting helps you understand your challenges. This is the learning that leads you to discover your inner wisdom and maximize your personal and professional potential. Everyone is capable of taking action steps; capable of choosing; capable of recovering when life doesn’t go as planned; and, especially, capable of moving beyond limiting beliefs.


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